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 A Letter from a Senior Retirement Planner at Charles Schwab

and a Letter from a Reader in Cape Town, South Africa, Stating,

 "I Think You Are Great!"


I received this e-mail below in November 2006. It is always nice to receive an e-mail like this from a financial person who works in the retirement industry.

  The Joy of Not Working Cover Image

I am almost done with this book and all I can stay is - Thank you! 

What a fantastic read.  Keep up the great work. 

I have must have read a 100 books or better on retirement and not a damn one comes from the angle you do. 

In fact, most investing/retirement books depress the hell out of me since their main focus is for us to accumulate a million or two then retire in splendor but the problem with that advice it takes decades to achieve that goal and most people stay in jobs they hate to achieve it.  

I look forward to anymore books you put out their on the future.   

David V Morris
charles SCHWAB
Senior Retirement Plan Consultant
Schwab Corporate Services

I received this e-mail from Cape Town South Africa from Imogen King who read The Joy of Not Working.

  The Joy of Not Working Cover Image

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From: Imogen King
To: vip-books
Sent: Friday, August 21, 2009 2:53 AM
Subject: I think you are great!
Hi there,
I'm writing from Cape Town, South Africa.
I found your book in our local library The Joy of Not Working near "The Road Less Traveled" in the psychology section and took both out. (Interestingly it's was first taken out in the library in Feb 1998 and practically every month since! - clearly a lot of local peoples are wanting to stop working!)
I found your book echoed my thoughts and views so perfectly - I have recommended it to so many people so they can get where I'm coming from. I have taken your book out of the library numerous times and must return it today as it is past the maximum renewal period - but I'll return it and take it out again - I still have the last 3 chapters to read through.
Your book has been with me on my journey - giving me little bits of motivation along the way, as I've read 2/3 chapters a time (I normally take out multiple books each time and read a few non-fiction books at once) 
For the last 2 yrs I'd been toying with the idea of leaving my corporate job as a Private Banker, as a single parent it seemed crazy for me to want to give up a "great" job - but I started writing a journal to express how I was feeling at those "something's gotta give" moments, so that I could see how often I felt overwhelmed and overworked to convince myself it wasn't going to get better.
Finally I resigned in April this year and have been completely "unemployed/self-employed" since mid July. I'd banked on a nice bonus in April to carry me over a few months, but with the financial crisis having hit - it couldn't have been a worse time to quit.
When everyone was worrying about being retrenched - I was electing to resign - I got a mix of responses - although many echoed my feelings and admired my step, wishing they had the guts to do the same - I think a lot thought I was irresponsible and foolish.
It has been the best thing I could have done - even if my other ventures don't pan out - I'll put it down to a sabbatical which allowed me to bond with my daughter and gain more balance in my life.
Fortunately I have always believed in a simple life and possessions have never been important to me - my debt is next to nothing and because I wasn't enslaved to "upgrading/updating/refurbishing" etc. I am not imprisoned to the same degree many others are. It hasn't all been easy so far, as times I've second guessed myself and questioned my moves - but I know I would have been more foolish to have carried on living the way I was (which wasn't living at all).
Your book's helped direct me and encouraged me in many ways with practically points - thank you for making me feel normal for wanting more out of life.
This morning I decided to Google you for the 1st time and I'm thrilled to see your book Career Success Without a real job - that's just what I need as I develop this path as a solo-entrepreneur - what perfect timing! I'm loving having the time to explore all the ideas I've had over the past 10 yrs and see which of them pan out and which don't - instead of just having had ideas.
I think you are great!

Fond regards
Imogen King

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