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 Look Ma, Life’s Easy


An Inspirational Novel of

Profound and Eternal Wisdom


How Ordinary People Attain Extraordinary

Success and Remarkable Prosperity 


by Ernie J. Zelinski


This Inspirational Fable Will Help You Create
Your Life the Way You Would Like It to Be



 Look Ma 

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In this motivational masterpiece and instant classic, Ernie Zelinski has crafted a triumphant tale of personal growth and change that will have readers returning to its pages time and time again throughout their lives.


A moving parable about extraordinary success and how to achieve it, Look Ma, Life’s Easy is reminiscent of the soul-stirring Illusions by Richard Bach and the heart-warming The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robert Sharma.


Written by Ernie Zelinski, a prominent creativity consultant, prosperity life coach, and international best-selling author, Look Ma, Life’s Easy presents a story of transformation that will inspire ordinary individuals to feel like they can truly achieve extraordinary results in their lives.


Look Ma, Life's Easy emphasizes the importance of following The Easy Rule of Life in order that we can experience out-of-the-ordinary prosperity, achievement, satisfaction, and happiness. The Easy Rule of Life simply states that when we take the easy and comfortable way, life ends up being difficult and uncomfortable. When we take the difficult and uncomfortable route, however, life ends up easy and comfortable.

The Easy Rule of Life - Look Ma, Life's Easy

The Easy Rule of Life applies to all the important elements of life including relationships, financial affairs, careers, love, health, happiness, prosperity, and peace of mind. In story form, Look Ma, Life's Easy will help you follow this important principle so that you achieve success in all aspects of modern living.


The small guidebook Life Secret's Handbook, which forms part of the story in Look Ma, Life's Easy and adds to it immensely, is chock full of modern proverbs that have the potential to change the world. Here are two examples:

Life is a game.  

Happy people are the players. 

Unhappy people are the spectators.  

Which would you like to be?


Irrespective of how fantastic your dreams are, they are ten times worse than mediocre when you don’t do anything with them. 

Indeed, what you don’t get around to doing will never succeed. 


Here are two more:

There will be days when nothing goes right. 

But not all is lost. 

Quite the contrary. 

You will learn more from one day of difficulties than you will learn from a year of total pleasure and comfort. 


Open your mind to opinions other than your own. 

The people whose opinions you most fear may be the wise ones from whom you can learn most. 


All told, Look Ma, Life’s Easy invites men, women, and teens from all walks of life to take responsibility for their own well-being and to do what is necessary to make their lives easy and comfortable, instead of difficult and uncomfortable. Whether we want an enjoyable career, loving relationships, prosperity, or peace of mind, this timeless inspirational novel will inspire all of us to much greater heights.


Look Ma, Life's Easy


Purchase Look Ma, Life's Easy in Kindle Edition on

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