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The Joy of Not Being Married

The Essential Guide for Singles (and Those Who Wish They Were)

by Ernie J. Zelinski (Author of The World's Best Retirement Book)

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Topic Titles in Original Edition of The Joy of Not Being Married


Chapter 1: Married To The Single Life?
  • The Easy Way To Being Happy Being Single
  • Knowing Where The Scissors Are - Your Singles Advantage
  • If You Are Single, You Are Not Alone
  • What Do You Really Want? [ Dating or Otherwise] 
Chapter 2: Singlehood: The State Of Your True Self
  • Goaling For What?
  • Is Choosing Either A Singles Prison Or A Singles Paradise
  • Belief Is A Disease
  • So Who Are You?
  • Missing The Fantastic Relationship That Didn't Exist
  • "To Have A Friend Be One"
  • The Company You Keep Reflects Your Character
  • Being Too Nice Can Be A Sign Of A Boring Person
  • Being Bored Is An Insult To Oneself
  • Developing A Relationship With The Most Important Person In Your Life
Chapter 3. Some Important Purpose Is Calling You.

  • Being On Purpose The Singles Way
  • Are You Listening To Your Calling?
  • Is Your Work Working For You?
  • If You Do Boring Work All Day, You Will End Up Boring
  • Going For The Real Thing In Career Success
  • The Secure Workplace Is A Fool's Paradise
  • The Joy Of Not Working Nine To Five
  • A Purpose For The Unemployed
  • Life Without Purpose Is Life Without Direction
Chapter 4: Be Creative Or Else!

  • You Can Be More Creative Than Picasso Or Van Gogh
  • Dispelling Your Romantic Notions About Creativity
  • An Artistic Day For Non-Artistic Individuals
  • To Be More Creative, Forget What You Know
  • Isn't It Time To Give Your Mind An Overhaul?
  • What Is Blocking Your Creativity?
  • Seventeen Principles For Rediscovering Your Creativity
  • What Is The Real Problem?
  • Creating Opportunity Instead Of Waiting For It
  • What A Difference Being Different Makes!
  • Be Reasonable And Have An Unreasonable Day
  • The Most Important Creativity Principle
Chapter 5: How To Creatively Loaf Your Life Away

  • Being A Creative Loafer Isn't Easy
  • Creating Time For Leisure
  • How To Be A Connoisseur Of Leisure
  • Watching Television Can Make You Fat And Stupid
  • Are The TV, Couch And Fridge Your Three Best Friends?
  • A Saner Lifestyle In Which Less Is More
  • You Don't Have To Be Rich To Enjoy A Sabbatical
  • Is Time On Your Side?
  • Some More Things To Worry About
  • Time Is Happiness
  • Right Now May Be The Time To Take A Nap
  • Leisureholics Have More Fun
Chapter 6: Leave Me Alone Or I Will Find Someone Who Will

  • "You Grow Only When You Are Alone"
  • "If You Are Lonely When You Are Alone, You Are In Bad Company"
  • Being Alone Today Will Mean A Happier Tomorrow
  • For Happiness And Longevity, Try Eccentricity
  • Give Solitude A Chance
Chapter 7: Put Money In Its Place

  • The Chase After Money Is A Chase After Something Else
  • When Enough Is Never Enough
  • How More Money Can Add To Our Problems
  • Appreciate What You Have And Grow Rich
Chapter 8: Marriage: All The Ingredients Of A Greek Tragedy?

  • Thinking About Marriage
  • Economic And Other Questionable Reasons For Marriage
  • Too Much Intimacy Can Be Harmful To A Marriage
  • The Queen-For-A-Day Trap
  • Marrying For Children - A Questionable Ancient Ritual
  • Till Infidelity And Boredom Us Do Part
  • The Less-Than-Satisfactory Compromise
  • Marital Losers Or Marital Winners?
  • What To Do When The Wheels Fall Off
  • To Marry or To Remain Single? - You Will Regret It Either Way
Chapter 9: Tips For The Romantically Challenged

  • The Dating Dilemma
  • To Be Involved Means To Complicate Or Make Difficult
  • Looking For Mr. Or Ms. Right
  • Exciting People May Be More Trouble Than They Are Worth
  • Does Rejection Make You Say The "F" Word?
  • To Be Interesting, Be Interested
  • How To Bore And Turn Off Other People
  • Breaking The Ice
  • Looking For The Strong Solvent Type
  • Do Dating Partners Get Better Or Worse With Age?
  • Likes Attract - Sometimes
  • Is It Love Or A Fatal Attraction?
  • Would You Choose Sex Or A Home Cooked Meal?
  • Inside The Singles-Club Asylum
  • Meeting By Other Than Chance
  • Reasonable And Unreasonable Ways To Connect
Chapter 10: Flying Solo To Greater Heights

  • Look Inside If You Want To Find More Outside
  • For Those Patient Enough To Wait For A Soulmate
  • What It Takes To Be A High-Flying Single
  • Flying Solo To Heights That Others Haven't Dreamed About
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