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 The Lazy Person's Guide to Success

Financial Independence and Personal Freedom Too!

by Ernie J. Zelinski

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In our workaholic world, we’re in desperate need of reminders that the most valuable, productive, and enjoyable moments in our lives are usually those we spend doing the least.

Ernie J. Zelinski’s secret of success is so simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of it yourself: work less, think more.

In the internaional best-selling THE JOY OF NOT WORKING, Ernie Zelinski extols the freedoms of joblessness; in THE LAZY PERSON’S GUIDE, he shows how to make work more fulfilling and relaxing by redefining success in terms of happiness.

Two books in one, the first for the lazy achiever and the second for the truly lazy creative achiever, this quirky little guide combines humor and wisdom to provide plenty of reasons to sit back, kick your heels up, and use the power of creative loafing to get the most out of life.


Never mistake hard work for success about to happen. Trying to achieve success solely through hard work is like trying to reach the North Pole by heading south. You may eventually get there, but it will take a hundred times the energy, time, and sacrifice that it should take.
— from The Lazy Person’s Guide to Success 


Table of Contents  for The Lazy Person's Guide to Success

Chapter 1: To Be More Successful, Try Working Less and Thinking More
Chapter 2: Relaxed Success Is Working at What You Are Instead of at What You Ain't
Chapter 3: Your Creativity Makes You a Millionaire
Chapter 4: Accept the Truth about Money and You Won't Have to Work As Hard
Chapter 5: You Have the Money, But Can You Buy Some Time?
Chapter 6: The Journey Towards Success Should Feel Better Than to Arrive




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